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Houghton Happenings

Two posts in one day so far, I’m on a roll!

I ran into this cool little blog yesterday called Houghton Happenings. It’s really cute, and I totally think you should go look.

What I’m blogging about specifically, is this giveaway she has going on right now for a gift card to Love Mode, an online clothing store.

It seems like some pretty cute stuff, and the prices are all very affordable. While looking through it, it seems to me like a lot of the dresses are really short or low cut, but I could find several other things I really like.  There’s some dresses that would be great with leggings, some tank tops that would look great layered, and even cute vests to pair with them.

I like challenges like that. I’ve often received clothes that I don’t feel are modest enough, and it’s fun to go through your wardrobe and learn how to turn that one item into something for so many other outfits with layering and pairing things together! And you can still manage to make them look good. Modest, but super stylish nonetheless. It’s like a game! Even today, I’m wearing layered shirts.

What’s a great way to start dressing like that? To head on over to Houghton’s Happening’s giveaway and win a gift card, and pick out some new clothes to start with! At least, that’s an idea from the fishbowl… 😉

Blessings always!


Momma Told Me…

Momma Told Me is one giveaway blog I follow all the time. There’s always multiple giveaways going on, but especially right now! She’s got Blog Pop! going on, and there are bajillions of great giveaways. Right now she has at least 30 on her site. Take a look!

I’m especially excited about these few:

 AmyKathryn purse giveaway,


the Sanuk shoes giveaway,

the Cafe Press giveaway,

 the Diamond Candle giveaway,

and the Chooka rainboot giveaway.

So definitely, go to Momma Told Me and enter some giveaways! She’s got some for everyone. It’s a great place. At least, that’s the view from the fishbowl! 😉

Blessings always!

Delinda Boutique (Giveaway)

It’s giveaway time!!! Well, time for me to send you to Sweepstake Lover for a giveaway, anyway.

How about to enter for a $35 gift certificate to Delinda Boutique’s etsy shop? Sounds like something I’d wanna win!

Since I’ll be moving back to the United States in about 2 months, I’ll be in a new house. I’d love to be able to decorate my room wherever we end up, but I don’t have a huge budget. So winning this would be great! I actually kind of like the quirky one with orange and blue shapes. What’s your favorite? Head on over to Sweepstake Lover’s giveaway post to enter.

Sweepstake Lover is a pretty sweet blog, I’ve followed it for a while. I’m on the email list, so every time she sends out an email I have so many different giveaways to go enter, it’s awesome! She also does book reviews and things like that.

Great blog, great shop, great giveaway. At least, that’s the view from the fishbowl! 😉

I won!

I finally won a couple giveaways this month!

 The first one was from The Giveaway Diva, with a $52 giftcard to Zeeberry Jewelry.

The other one was from Momma Told Me for a Friendship Heart Necklace from a store called Gorjana, valued at $95.

          I’m super excited about these! Check out the blogs I won them from, totally  

         worth checking out.

       Blessings to all,


Of The Earth

I follow a blog called Sweeps4Bloggers, and they have a pretty sweet giveaway going on right now! Look at this cute potential Mothers’ Day gift:

You can get however many beads in it you want, of different colors. It’s from a store called Of The Earth. All of their stuff is pretty cool, and a lot of it is vintage and/or bird themed. Two of my favorite styles! Sweeps4Bloggers is giving away one, so head on over to their post about it and enter. I’m hoping to win it for my mom for Mother’s Day or her birthday, which are around the same time.

Of The Earth= super stylish! At least, that’s the view from the fishbowl… 😉

Blessings, GoldfishErin

Cute Giveaway from Jaebumfangirl!

So I’ve recently been watching Jaebumfangirl’s blog, and I am totally loving her giveaways! I have my fingers crossed especially for one specific one; The Little Mori Giveaway.

Look at the cute shirts you can pick from if you win! Just go on over to her blog, and the Current Giveaways to see what you need to do to win this, or any of her other ones going on right now.

Also, she’s currently giving away a pretty sweet USB from Flymode! It’s a penguin, and it’s 4 GB. What’s not to love?

Anyway, I think that you all should head over to check out Jaebumfangirl’s site, because her giveaways and stuff are just awesome. 🙂