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    What's this? This is my little piece of the world wide web. Hang around a while and you'll see websites & organizations I think are neat, sweet music, my photography, giveaways, my thoughts and ramblings, and countless encouragements for everyone to smile. :)
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Meet the Goldfish

Goldfish Erin. That’s me! I go by several different names for real, but last summer a friend of mine nicknamed me Goldfish, and it’s stuck as my cyber-alias.

Really, I’m just your average teenage girl from Missouri. Currently, though, I’m living in El Salvador as a missionary and student. I love my God, love my friends, love my family, love this beautiful mess of a life He’s blessed me so greatly with! 🙂

I like photography and music. Taking/editing pictures, playing guitar, writing my own songs, school band and choir, just listening to any music. Living out of the U.S. has really sparked my interest in traveling. I’ve been to several (5 so far?) countries, and I’m always up for a trip to somewhere new! I love yellow flowers, cherry Jolly Ranchers, pasta, and Dr. Pepper is my drug of choice. I doodle on the margins of my paper, and I’m constantly humming under my breath. I almost always talk in a Spanglish mix of English and Spanish. I like German shepherds, tigers, and turtles. My favorite colors are yellow and blue.

I’m basically always smiling. If you stick around her long enough, you’ll see countless reminders to smile. I’m just optimistic, I guess. If we ever really just take a step back and look at how widely blessed we are… People who make me laugh are my favorite.

Someday, I want to drive a vintage Volkswagen Beetle. Ya know, an old Slugbug. Other than that, I’m not really sure what God has in store for my life. He currently has me in Central America, who knows what’s next? 🙂

Wanna know more, talk sometime, have a part in my music/song writing, get involved with my mission stuff, or be featured on my blog? Shoot me an email, any time! ( GoldfishErin@gmail.com )

My El Sal missionary blog: www.ruthinlapalma.blogspot.com

My Flickr: www.flickr.com/ruth_erin

Psst! Hey, smile already!! 😀


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