19 Minutes

Ahh! I’m so excited. Pinch me? I can’t be awake. I’m awake? Oh, awesome!
What am I so excited about?
I was asked to write the music for a friend’s lyrics. And after posting about it on my facebook, I got some messages from other friends. I’m doing it!
I got to know my lovely friend Kelsey last summer before I moved to El Salvador. She wrote this sweet song called 19 Minutes, but she couldn’t come up with music for it. Thanks to the wonderfulness of Facebook, we got in touch from across the world, and I began working.
Once I was finished, I realized that it would be slightly difficult to show her what I’d done, since we’re in different countries. I have a webcam, but the sound quality is awful in videos. And international phone calls are even worse, not to mention expensice. So, I began a search for some new, free, recording software. What I came acrosss was Audacity. Now I can record my guitar, as many parts as I want, and my voice, also as many harmonies as I’d like, and any other thing I want to add. Maybe once I get it finished recording I can post it up here to see what you guys think!
Hope you all had a wonderful Easter. Be blessed!
Goldfish 🙂

PS: Don’t forget, if you want to get in touch and work with music or anything, you can email me at goldfisherin@gmail.com


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