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100 Cameras

You know, I’m big into photography. So when my friend and neighbor showed me this charity, 100 Cameras, I was super interested.

   The organization was established in 2009. Their mission is to empower    children in unjust situations. How?

                       With cameras!

People donate cameras or money for cameras. They go in (currently they have some in Sudan, Africa and Lower East Side, New York City) and give basic photography lessons to a few kids. After that, they leave a camera with the child and let them take pictures of their everyday surroundings and lifes. Then the pictures they take get put on the 100 Camera website for people to buy prints. You can buy all sizes of prints and stuff, and the money goes back to the kids!



So, this is a pretty sweet organization. At least, that’s the view from the fishbowl! 😉




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