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My Sky

One thing I’m fascinated with is the sky. I love looking at the stars at night for no reason. They’re so gorgeous, and it’s a new view every night. Although it’s a new view, it’s also always the same. That’s part of why I like them. As someone who travels a lot, I’ve been forced into situations involving readjusting to new surroundings quickly. My location can be drastically different, the food, the weather, the people, even the langauge can change. But, in all the places I’ve been, I can always see the sky. Whether I see the stars or the clouds, it’s always there, and it’s always the same. Plus, I know that wherever my loved ones are, they see the same stars. It’s kinda comforting some nights. Especially times like once last year; I was talking on the phone to a friend while we both looked at the stars, and figured out we were looking at the same constellations. It’s just a nice cure for homesickness, because you can never be homesick for the sky. Sometimes it feels like it could belong to me, my sky, because it’s always wherever I am. Ever thought of it that way before? And yet, one of the best things is that it’s shared between everyone. No matter where you are.

All of this is really just leading up to a picture I took of the clouds, so go ahead and have a look at it.

The Silver Lining

The caption there is a quote I got in a fortune cookie once. I thought it fit. Look at the bright side of things, and the bad stuff won’t appear so much!

So, long story short: I love the sky, and you should smile.

That’s the view from the fishbowl, anyway… 😀



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