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    What's this? This is my little piece of the world wide web. Hang around a while and you'll see websites & organizations I think are neat, sweet music, my photography, giveaways, my thoughts and ramblings, and countless encouragements for everyone to smile. :)
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Nice to Meet You!

Hey there, welcome to Goldfish Erin’s blog! I’m relatively new to the blogging world, but this is going to be my “for fun” blog.  Giveaways, neat websites, things I feel like talking about, my photography, cool music, just all that jazz and then some. And maybe it’ll change as I go along; it’s really an experiment anyway. Since this is my first post, I should probably go about introducing myself. 🙂

I’m Erin, a teenage girl from Missouri living in El Salvador for mission work. My faith is most important to me. I’m also crazy about my friends and family. I’m so blessed to have them, they’re the best! I’m pretty optimistic, usually seen smiling, and love people who make me laugh. Photography and music are my main interests right now. I love taking pictures, singing, playing my guitar, being in school band/choir, etc. Dr. Pepper is my drug of choice, along with cherry Jolly Ranchers. And chocolate. And pasta. And Sonic. Yum. I’m also a huge fan of Sharpies. I doodle on all my papers during school and church, but don’t worry. It doesn’t mean that I’m zoning out. I just have to keep my hands busy to concentrate, and I often incorporate whatever I hear into the drawings. I love watching movies, especially nice and cheesy 80’s movies.  The smell of a wood working shop is the best ever. I like rain, autumn mornings, and summer nights. I also like German shepherds, tigers, bears, and turtles. I love my Converse. My favorite colors are yellow and blue. I like vintage things; decor, clothes, jewelry.  I’ve decided that I no longer properly can speak English or Spanish. Just Spanglish. I love yellow flowers.

Someday, I want to drive a vintage, white, Volkswagen Beetle. Ya know, an old Slugbug. Other than that, I’m not completely sure what my life holds; what God has in store for me. He currently has me in Central America… Who knows what’s next? 🙂

So, it’s nice to meet you! Even though I doubt I’ll have any readers just yet. Anyway, blessings to all!


PS: Here’s a link to the blog about my missionary life in El Salvador, and here’s a link to my Flickr account!


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